When Unstable Leaders One Up Each Other

We are living in dangerous times. Not because of Climate Change or antibiotic resistant bacteria, but because the United States elected a crazy person that is triggering countless other crazy leaders to try to out-crazy his arrogant crazy.

This is a shit storm.

In the early morning hours (Korean time), the notoriously rigid, closed off country launched a missile that cleared Japan's Hokkaido Island and crashed into the Pacific Ocean.  The missile launch literally set off Japanese alarm systems, prompting local governments to urge residents to seek shelter.  This is just the most recent launch of a series of "missile tests" North Korea's Kim Jong-un's attempts to show strength in the region, justifying the tests as a response to increasing US and allied military drills in and around Asia.

Ultimately, Kimmie wasn't getting enough attention, what with Trump unseating him as the most unstable world leader with possibly the largest of the micropenises and Putin helping make that happen like his own person Alfred.  I am assuming this is about who has the biggest tiny dick, but there's no real way of knowing who wins. We just have to base it on how volatile one becomes when they feel slighted or when their greatest insecurities are uncovered.  Kimmie's is probably some combination of Trump sopping up all of the "How crazy is he?" media attention and feeling left out of the bonkers bromance between him and Putin.

Whatever it is, there are real life people whose lives are being threatened by Kimmie's direct access to nuclear missiles. Literally, what in the entire fuck?

Here is a breakdown of what the hell is going on in N Korea in 300.

In the meantime, we should try spreading the attention to the crazy across Pyongyang, Moscow, and DC. Maybe the crazies will be less likely to start a war if they feel like they're getting equal attention.

Or we can all pitch in and pay for penis enlargement surgery.


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