How Denying Science is Endangering Vulnerable Americans

People waded through floodwaters in Houston on Sunday. Thomas B. Shea/Agence France-Press -- Getty Images

Storm Harvey. Hurricane Harvey. Flooding. Torrential Rain. Whichever aspect of the climactic shit storm that has hit the Texas coast you wish to refer to, however you wish to identify "Harvey," one fact remains the same: denying climate change is a real thing is delaying a meaningful US response to man's impact on our precious Earth.

It is easy these days to make everything political, but I want to make one thing as certain as possible, and that is that Donald J Trump (#45) may not speak to the catastrophe in Houston until he publicly acknowledges that climate change is real.  Wanting to be POTUS so badly that you are willing to pander to the worst of our society is reprehensible to me, but okay, I will let you do you. After all, we are all on this planet to find and pursue our highest purpose, and so few of us get it right on the first try, so I will show some compassion.  But, I will call out hypocrisy every time it rears its ugly head, particularly in our government. Which means I do a lot of calling out. cannot be both the problem and the solution.  It just is not possible.  You cannot pull out of the Paris Agreement, claim that a scientific observation that 99% of the science community agrees is valid is "false news," AND pretend to care when these changes in statistical weather patterns destroy communities.  You can't do all of those things and be a real human being.  You just can't.

Until I hear a response from Forty-five that includes an affirmation that climate change and man's contribution to that change (global warming) are real, factual truths, I will be unable to hear anything that he says about the devastation in Houston.


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