Sometimes New Years Resolutions Take a While

Don't judge least I still go to the gym!

Anyway, I originally planned to revive LBG January 1st, but life got crazy, as per usual. That said, I'm here now, and it's better late than never. Especially since I have so much to talk about.

I'm mainly interested in making sure that everyone knows what I think about most things, and I know that excites you. Have a seat...actually, have several. This loud black girl has been thinking about a lot...

1) Iggy Azalea is a terrorist against black womanhood. Fuck her and her fake hips/ass.

2) Black lives only matter to black people. Like, really...they only actually, truly, deeply mean anything to other black people. And that's not even always the case. The thing about cultural appropriation (I'm looking at you, Iggy) is that the people whose culture you exploit can't matter. If they did, then you'd feel foolish turning their shit into a caricature of what it's meant to be. And people just love/make too, too much money off of our shit to ever want to give that up. Thus, my answer is that black people stop being so goddamn sexy and so goddamn cool. Make our shit whack, and they won't want it. Just ask the Chinese. Oops.

3) "Charlie Hebdo" was a xenophobic racist. I am not him.

4) The above statement does not mean that I think "Charlie" should have been killed. Chill.

5) I still love Wale. (My DC boo...while he is in no way my so-called "type," I just love that man...and would marry him in a millisecond.)

6) For my black women/girls out there: being told you are intimidating is code for "You do not fit the stereotype I have of black women/girls...can't you just take your clothes off and let me pour alcohol on you??"

7) I could not give any fewer fucks about Kate's and William's babies. Or Kim and Kanye, for that matter (nothing has changed).

8) Black girls workout too...and when we do, we do it cute.

9) Just because you don't make $15/hr doesn't mean that raising the goddamn, fucking minimum wage to FIFTEEN FUCKING DOLLARS AN HOUR is wrong. Stop being that asshole who reminds the teacher that s/he said the class would get 10 fewer minutes of recess because of some shit that happened in the morning. Everyone hates you.

10) Hillary Clinton...yeah...I'm just going to hold my tongue for now. #corporateowned #neoliberal #warmonger

Got some shit to say...comment.


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