April 27, 2015

Lemme save you the time and energy...

Baltimore Police:

Let me save you the trouble of a lengthy, time consuming "investigation" into how Freddie Gray sustained a spinal cord injury.

And I'll do it in photos...

Black and brown people have vertebrae. There are bones in the neck of black/brown humans that align the body and protect the all important spinal cord. That cord is the single most important network of neurotransmitters and signals that help the brain tell the body what to do...we need them.

Pressing your knee into the neck of a black/brown human with your full weight (much like what would happen to a non-black/brown human person) might kill them.

Freddie Gray died of injuries sustained from unnecessary police brutality and, in all likelihood, physical contact much like that of the images above. It doesn't take rocket science. And it is not fair to claim that you need a time consuming bureaucratic process to be real with the public about it. The arresting officers killed a person. A person who didn't have to die. C'mon.

Be decent.

You shouldn't even treat a dog that way.

I spoke too soon.

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