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What This MEAN Side Eye Game Reveals About Obnoxious (Whitewashed) Beauty Standards

I think that, by now, plenty of folks on the Internet have seen this still image (or possibly the entire video) of two Black news anchors responding, in facial expression only, to a way too long conversation about Kate Middleton's perfect nose.  First of all, the clip is more than a year old, but it has popped back up on social media, reminding America to continue to STFU about what is or is not beautiful.  The clip itself is hilarious, sure, but what does it tell us about these insane deep dives into how society can make typically Caucasian physical features the standard for beauty?  I mean, what can we learn from the eye roll and side eye of these two "over it" anchors?  How does it reflect the collective Black response to similar conversations that pop up with frequency these days, as Black Girl Magic and TGIT/Shondaland slap America in the face with the sauciness women of color serve up and have been serving for millennia?

I believe there are six things that can be …

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