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What Most "Wellness" Spaces Do To Women of Color

I recently posted a couple of comments to an IG post by an inspirational woman I follow on the social media app (@yogaracheal), and then really got to thinking about the provocative question she was asking.  Her post was just these two simple words: "I'm tired..." and the caption started off with an exasperated "over the years I've talked about the anxiety of being in most wellness spaces." And I was like, "Hell, yeah, girl. I know what you mean."

In January 2014, I weighed almost 300 lbs.  I wore a size 22/24 pant, and I was out of breath before I got to the street from my apartment building.  I decided then that I was going to get better, and (most importantly) feel better.  Long story short, I lost about 80 lbs in 11 months by changing my habits and developing a love for physical movement.  I joined a virtual community and gained an empathetic fitness coach and online support system, which was great...but it was very, very, very white.  Like, …

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